Banner ad - wide

There are many different sizes and styles of banners that can be seen all over the internet. There are tall, or wide (seen above) rectrangular, square even circles and other shapes. It is best to go with some of the standard sizes of banner ads (below) when designing your banner ad. If Global Market Exposure Corp is designing your banner or banners, we will make sure to conform to standard web sizes particularly for required sites like Facebook, unless you desire differently (aside from Facebook or other required sizes for promotional sites.) If you have designed a banner that doesn’t meet these sizes, and you would like it to, send it to our team of Web and Graphic design professionals, who can size or redesign the banner to conform to the appropriate size.

Banner Ads - Standard SizingThese specific sized shapes are created for a reason. These are perfect for headers, footers or clickable buttons. Making use of the standard sizes ensures an easy assimilation into any website or design. Check out the gallery below for more examples of banner ad sizes and styles.

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