Banner Ad Re-Targeting

Banner Placement is able to deliver a higher ROI then all other banner advertising companies. We will incorporate advanced re-targeting features in your campaign to establish frequency through banner ad impressions. Re-targeting is one of the most effective targeting tools available. It can dramatically increase your conversions, name branding, sales, brand awareness, profitability, product interest, website traffic, and overall results. Many of our advertisers have doubled their ROI with re-targeting.
Banner Ad Re-Targeting

What Is Banner Ad Re-Targeting

Here’s how it works: Let’s say “Beth” wants to take a vacation to Hawaii. She goes to the ABC Airlines website to look for deals, and browses through the fares. She likes what she sees, but thinks she might be able to get an even better deal by shopping around so she goes to Yahoo Travel and starts looking there. An ABC Airlines banner ad pops up on the Yahoo site and it’s advertising a special 20% discount on tickets to Hawaii.
Magic? No, it’s banner re-targeting.

Stop Wasting Time & Money

Retargeting works in conjunction with other advertising channels and increases the ROI of each of your other marketing channels. Don’t let your competitors suck up sales from the interest you’ve paid to generate, whether it’s online, in print or on TV. Your customers just need a few reminders while they’re surfing the web to get them back to your site.


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