There are a lot of common questions people have when it comes to banner advertising. The following address some common questions and concerns many people have when entering into a banner advertising campaign.

Q: Is Banner Advertising Cost Effective?

A: Yes. Banner Ads are able to reach much more people through impressions than other forms of online marketing. Combined with Facebook Profile Management and SEO, Banner Advertising Campaigns can help your company achieve all of its marketing goals.

Q: What type of Banner ads do your provide?

A: All Kinds. We provide standard graphical banner ads. In addition, we also cover the fast-growing market of Facebook banner ads. We also do animated banner ads, which of course includes Flash ads. Our services also cover Ebay product ads, E-commerce ads and service banner ads.

Q: What are the benefits of Facebook advertising?

A: Facebook has exploded over the last few years, and more than doubled it’s population over the last year, with worldwide user estimates at 400 million user worldwide. Facebook users spend an extended amount of time on the site compared to others, even Google. Facebook targets its banner advertising sections to the location and specific demographics of it’s users, so you are certain to reach the widest audience possible.

Q: How do I know I am targeting the right people?

A: There are many ways to target specific demographics. On Facebook users enter in personal information and are affiliated with groups which they are interested in. Other banner campaigns can be targeted to specific websites like HGTV, which is great for interior designers and home-stagers.

Q: Can I get a custom banner?

A: Yes. We design custom banner ads for every client. And the great thing is with Global Market Exposure Corp banner creation is free. With our highly-trained and experienced graphic and web design staff, you can be sure your banner will be eye-catching and attract many potential clients.

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